Savana trommels are engineered specifically for the processing, separating and recovery of alluvial gold, rutile, gemstones, diamonds and heavy minerals.
Highlights: Long life and durability, portability, ease of use, 500 TPH

Savana clay scrubbing washplants can be supplied mounted on mobile chassis, portable skid base or modular frame and can be configured with multiple recovery systems such as centrifuges, circular mineral jigs and diamond grease belts.
Highlights: portability, high recovery, low environmental impact, chemical-free processes

Savana mining dredges are built and designed to meet the harshest tropical and ocean conditions. A variety of configurations exist to meet the needs of your specific mineral and budgetary requirements. Our standard recovery system is designed to produce both gold and diamonds, which maximizes the versatility of the machine.
Highlights: lightweight, high capacity, portability

As a gravity concentrator the Savana Mineral Jig range has many advantages such as high recovery, high unit throughput, low water consumption, simple operation, low installation cost, low operating costs and high security. The Savana Mineral Jig has successfully been used for a variety of minerals, including gold, sulphides, silver, platinum, tantalum, garnet and diamonds.
Highlights: excellent recovery, economical, versatile, portable