Pan-American Mineral Jigs

Key Features:

  • compact
  • proven excellent recovery of > 98%
  • large capacities
  • processes a variety of minerals
  • low hutch water & power requirements
  • low maintenance & economical
  • environmentally friendly operation

A mineral jig is a compact and efficient gravity separation device that is utilized throughout the world for the recovery of a wide range of minerals. As a gravity concentrator the Savana Mineral Jig range has many advantages such as high recovery, high unit throughput, low water consumption, simple operation, low installation cost, low operating costs and high security. The Savana Mineral Jig has successfully been used for a variety of minerals, including gold, sulphides, silver, platinum, tantalum, garnet and diamonds.

Gravity concentrators having a round or circular hutch shape generally are considered superior to a standard square cell mineral jig design. Circular jigs (since Norman Cleveland’s 1960 work) have proven to be more efficient than square and rectangular jigs. Some interesting work by CSRIO (Australia) using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modelling showed that the circular shape of the vessel itself and the central slurry injection point from which slurry disperses in all directions were the most significant features. This is due to a varying flow rate across the jig allowing for a progressively finer separation from the inlet to the discharge.